Play your next soccer tournament at Sofive

In need of a quick competition for young players?

Look no further than Sofive! We regularly host weekend or day-long tournaments, allowing the children to get acquainted with competitive soccer and motivating them into fighting for the win! Our 5v5 turf fields ensure that they get plenty of touches in fun and intense games. 

Introducing Sofive Tournaments

With indoor and outdoor facilities, your team can compete year-round in our soccer tournaments for developmental and premier teams. Four 18-minute games are guaranteed for each team, allowing children to try and refine their skills!  Each Sofive location hosts a large number of events throughout the year, check out our reservation website, follow us on Instagram and don’t hesitate to reach out to your local facility’s team to stay in the know of what’s coming!

Build your own training program

If you’re teaching children the beautiful game or coaching a team in need of space, take advantage of our world-class facilities! Our 5v5 fields ensure plenty of touches on the ball and our indoor and outdoor centers ensure that children can play all year round. Whether you need a field on a regular basis for training sessions or the opportunity to sign up your team in competitive leagues or tournaments, Sofive allows you to create the perfect soccer program. Get in touch with your local center to discuss your needs!