Pick up

Join our pick up soccer games

No team? No problem!

For those wanting to play a game but not to recruit a team on their own, or for those who just moved into a new city and are looking for people to share their passion for soccer with, Sofive centers organize pick up sessions in its centers. A great way to sharpen your skills while meeting other players in your neighborhood.

Pick up sessions at Sofive

Depending on each center, we organize around four pick up sessions per week. For $10 to $15 per player, come and play in 5-minute or best of 2 goals games. The winner remains and takes on the next challenger in line! Please note that online registration is mandatory, we don’t accept walk-ins.

Ready to start?

Check which one of our centers is the nearest to you and go on our registration website to see the next available session! Our high-quality turf fields are indoors on the East Coast and in Chicago and outdoors on the West Coast to ensure the best condition and games for everyone.