We do all the work, so you have all the fun!

Celebrate with us

Birthday parties are currently only available at Sofive Alameda. Coming soon to all our locations.

Looking for a fun-filled, low maintenance birthday party experience? Sofive Alameda is an amazing birthday party venue for kids and their parents. Our Party Hosts will set up, supervise the event and clean up so you can just enjoy the day. Simply choose your party activity—it can be sports, a bounce house, or something entirely different—to create a memorable celebration!

Teaching children the beautiful game? 

Book one of our indoor fields for the winter season or throughout the year and secure a spot to train your children in high-class facilities. Our 5v5 fields ensure plenty of touches for younger children and are a great way for clubs and academies - like MLS Academy for instance - to develop their programs and help kids improve their soccer skills. Get in touch with the teams of your local center to learn more about our dedicated long-term contracts.