SOFIVE Field Rental

Your home field advantage

We always have space for you

Bring your team and play any time on one of our many modern 5v5 soccer fields. Lots of fields at each facility means that booking yours is easy. Blow off some steam on the field while sharpening your soccer skills and shape all year round. Friends, fun, and the chance to be a local hero: what more could you want?

Build your community 

Whether you’re coming to play with the friends you made when you were attending pre-school or your colleagues at your new job, renting a field at Sofive is always a way to strengthen your bond by sharing a game. Other local soccer enthusiasts' teams will be there to face yours and hang out at Halftime Café after the game to share a drink or comment on the video playback. Find your local soccer community at Sofive!

Teaching children the beautiful game? 

Book one of our indoor fields for the winter season or throughout the year and secure a spot to train your children in high-class facilities. Our 5v5 fields ensure plenty of touches for younger children and are a great way for clubs and academies - like MLS Academy for instance - to develop their programs and help kids improve their soccer skills. Get in touch with the teams of your local center to learn more about our dedicated long-term contracts.