sofive ADULT leagues

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In a league of our own

Ready to turn up the competitive fires a little? Sofive Adult Leagues give you the opportunity to challenge your team by competing for championships and prizes while playing the beautiful game. Sign up your team to sharpen your skills and measure yourself to your local soccer community!

Bend it like the pros

With sanctioned referees, recorded games, world-class quality turf soccer fields and a digital scoreboard that keeps track of your performance as well as your competitors’, get the feels of your favorite professional soccer players in international leagues!

Adult league features

Leagues are available for men’s, women’s and coed teams with 45-minute games and seasons lasting 9-10 weeks, including playoffs. Our 5v5 and 7v7 fields are perfect for fun yet intense games in which you can show off and sharpen your skills all year round. You will receive a highlights video after each game and win awesome prizes if you make it to the top! So sign up now for the coming season.