2 1/2 - 3 1/2 years, adult interactive weekly classes

Program Details

Here, preschoolers who are not quite ready to be on the field alone discover some independence.

Terrible twos? Not in our opinion! Though toddler behavior can be puzzling, these little ones are just trying to put the pieces together to grow into the person they are meant to be. Sometimes they get frustrated and their feelings come out sideways, especially when they are shy and a little tentative. We embrace the complexities of this time of life and help them transition into being more interactive, confident, self-reliant and relational. We do so with fun and engaging games that help them begin to master basic movement and ball control skills. The goal is to get them to be more interactive with the coach, to play with (rather than alongside) their peers and to engage in the game. Parents are there to provide just the right support.